Product Idea |


A new way to produce food is hydroponics. The creation shows a series of shelves: each shelving unit is able to grow vegetables. The principle is simple: plants are inserted in a special material which replaces soil, a good mean where water and nutrients can flow freely. The hydroponic substrate is the place where plants' roots can grow, adsorbing water and nutrients in a good way.
Mr and Mrs Green are absolutely enthusiast about this this new stuff in their home. Mr Green is always engaged to regulate the hydroponic pump, that makes a mix of water and nutrients and pump them all inside a circuit. Each vegetable is reached by the fluid, the growth is fast and so Mrs Green can pick up food frequently for their meals. She likes salads and hydroponics is now a big source of tasty stuff. 
Mr and Mrs Green are so proud that are thinking to expand the shelves, attaching new shelves besides the existing ones.
This creation is almost entirely built by Technic parts, in particular shelves.
I hope you'll enjoy.

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