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The Convertible V.251

The Convertivle V.251
its made of 251 PCS. The top folds up or down like in real, and no new parts.
Its build like a normal lego car, things are vel connected, it wont fall apart when playing with it.
It can be made in many different colors and designs.
The rough looking edge of tires and back end of the top, is not due to bad graphic.

Leather interior. engine block. hand-breake, gear-stick, (or they could be washers and auto-gear), dashboard, and everything opens.

Here is how the movement of top function.

In buttom left picture you can see theres lots of spece in trunk when the top is up, and the red bricks are the space in trunk thats left when the top is down.
In this picture I made the HINGE PLATE in the car red for better illustration. Normally its black.

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