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White Angel Castle: The Fortress by the Sea

Hello again! This is probably the largest medieval build I've made in real bricks. I hope you enjoy it!

The Story:

Back in the ages of kings and castles, there existed a kingdom with wealth and honor. One of its most notable fortresses was the White Angel Castle. Though it was not the strongest of the fortresses, it was still very valuable to the kingdom. Built on the shores of the Dragon Sea, it could keep watch over its waters for enemy vessels. Besides it's military significance, it was probably the most picturesque castle of the kingdom with the bright green grass, mossy stones, aspen, pine trees, and the sea surrounding it. Though little threat was ever brought to the castle's walls, it is, of course, equipped with knights, ready for action, at a minute's notice.

I really enjoyed building this model. While it had its challenges, it was well worth the effort and time to make. The build had a couple major revisions before it was finished, and I'm pretty satisfied with the result. I'm sure I'll do some more medieval builds in the future so stay tuned!

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