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Rishi Moon Base Attack

This idea is for a Star Wars set.

My photos are rough designs for the two new and distinct troopers. The one with the large “Z-6 rotary cannon”, as I have designed it, is called “Hevy” (you may need to design a new piece, but a holster for holding the 1x1 tile “detonator”). The other one is “Echo”, who has a blue Rishi eel blood hand print on the left side of his chest armor plate.The others, “O’niner”and “Fives”, are plain clones, and Captain Rex is there as well. There also should be two to four commando droids, and a commando droid captain.

I haven’t made a design for the moon base itself, but it should incorporate an exploding function that should blow the whole thing up in large pieces. There should be one large room, which would be the control room with a large monitor, and a storage room with “Liquid Tibanna” tanks. There should also be an escape tunnel for the characters to leave from.

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