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Iron Maiden: The Writing on the Wall

Iron Maiden: The Writing On The Wall

I love listening music, especially metal, rock (and retro music), so when I first saw The Writing On The Wall animation clip, I knew, I have to build something about that post apocalyptic world, so I built this Idea, which consist of two sections: the first one is built in minifigure ratio, the second one is built in micro scale, this is important, because if you see this two models in the right direction - thanks to the shift and the difference in height - it really seems as if the first section would be a hill, behind which the second section is very far away.
I draw the background digitally, it took me a lot of time.

If you want to this Iron Maiden Idea into a real Lego set, please support my Idea with the support button and tell to your friends to support too, thank you so much, much appreciate it!

About the Model

It consist about 3000 pieces, this model have one exact minifigure and three half-built minifigures. This idea shows the scene where the purple motorcycles and their leader, a figure in white clothes, look at the distant dark fortress and the crowd of refugees marching there. In the first section, you can find a hill, where are the motorcycles on, under the hill you can find a barrel with toxic liquid, boxes and dead trees, besides these, there are a graveyard and a toxic river.
In the second section, you can find microscaled dark fortress, the crown, the chinese ruler, and also you can find a lot of town ruins, which consist about houses, a church and garden remnants.
And it is true both of the two sections, you can find trash, dead and almost dead nature elements, because this is a post apocalyptic world, and the ground dried up, there are rivers with toxic liquid instead of water and the sky is not blue, but it is green thanks to the neglect of environmental protection and to the global warming.

About Iron Maiden

Iron Maiden is a heavy metal band, the band was founded by bassist Steve Harris in 1975, have sold more than 100 million records worldwide, it's possible to say that they are one of the most famous metal bands.

About the background

I draw the background in GIMP, the background consist of mountains, which have dark orange and medium orange colors, for the green sky I used different greens, and I made the transitions between the different greens with dashed lines.

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