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Galidor: Defenders of the Outer Dimension

Love it or not, Galidor is a very interesting part of Lego history that deserves to be commemorated . As a kid, I loved Galidor! It was strange and unique, but was always a blast to play with. There's been several references to Galidor over the years in different Lego sets, but now is the time for it to make a proper comeback.

This set features the main character of Galidor, Nick Bluetooth. To represent Nick's ability to glinch, his right arm features the robotic punching arm that came with one of his original figures. You also can't have Nick Bluetooth without his backpack!

The main build consists of the iconic Trans Dimensional Navigator (TDN) Module on a display stand, with room to have Nick Bluetooth displayed. He also fits inside the cockpit of the ship. The ship can be displayed with or without it's landing gear and wings, and is removable from the display stand! The set contains just under 400 pieces.

This would make an excellent set for fans who grew up with Galidor, or even those who just want to display a fun part of Lego history!

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