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Carbon Cub SS

The Carbon Cub SS bush planes. Built for flying into the deep wild where no one but rednecks dare to set foot. This one also comes with sturdy pontoons for water landings. It’s not as famous as it’s older cousin, the Piper cub, but probably better in almost every way.

To start, this cub is much faster than the Piper Cub. It clocks in at about 141 mph. Not exactly racer speeds, but better than the Super Cub’s 130, and the Piper Cub’s 87.
The stall speed is around 27 knots, but it can be lowered even more with random modifications. This plane, when highly upgraded and with a proper pilot, can land in the space of a helicopter pad (look it up). But with this plane you won’t need a runway. The wheels can be removed to attach pontoons, so you can land in pretty much anything that has water.
With the option of pontoons and wheels, this plane can land anywhere. Glaciers? Sure! Deserts? Why not! Active volcanos? Probably, but I wouldn’t recommend it.

This plane has a cool black and yellow color scheme, opposite to the yellow and black scheme of a Piper Cub. The top wings are removable, and you can place Lego guys inside it. It’s got two movable sticks for the pilot(s), and a window between the top wings.

the tail construction is ridiculously complicated, but it holds together pretty well. The tail looks pretty close to the actual cub.

I think I went over everything, so that’s it! Don’t let this awesome plane get lost in the abyss of cyberspace!

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