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LEGO No Real Than You Are - in normal minifigure size!

It was all over the news - a giant LEGO minifigure washed up on the beach. But I probably shouldn't use the word MINI figure, because this guy is NOT miniature!

Okay, so now what? You know about a random giant LEGO man. What about it? Well, how about it converted into the normal LEGO minifigure scale? About a $3.00 pack, just the "NO REAL THAN YOU ARE" LEGO person! It would be a great collectable minifigure, for sure! Maybe a special deal on, if you spend over $75.00, you recieve this special minifig! I think people would like this, simply because it's a small, cute LEGO man, in memory of that special LEGO event that took place in Florida.

Here's just a couple views of it on the beach. Of course, yours won't be as big!

"NO REAL THAN YOU ARE". Kind of creepy if you think about it.....

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