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Space IL Beresheet


Now at the Israel Space Week events!

Israel is celebrating space week, with events all around the country.

IsraeLUG is presenting at the Givatayim theater, and you can come see this model of Beresheet in person, alongside the Apollo lunar lander, Saturn V rocket and some amazing MOCs.


Come see the Lego Beresheet in person!

Throughout the month of August there are two seperate Lego events going on in Israel, and both have a Lego Beresheet lunar lander on display.

There's the Art of the Brick exhibit by Nathan Sawaya in Holon. This event also includes a Lego city diorama, free-building areas, Playstation and X-Box Lego games, and much more.
For tickets and more inforlation, see here.

At this event, you will also find the model of Beresheet, by yours truly.

In addition to this event, there's another one going on in Tel Aviv: The Lego Tel Aviv Space Park Is a Lego Space themed amusement park where you can find Play areas, building areas and STEM activities for kids.
You'll also find a full-scale model of Beresheet built out of over 100,000 Lego elements by Israeli Lego artist Yuval Dvorin.

(And thank you SpaceIL for the hat-tip in your Facebook post on the subject!


I hope you all come and enjoy these two Lego events, and don't forget to vote for my idea!


High quality renders

Over the weekend we crossed the 1/4 milestone!

2,500 down, 7,500 to go!

Till we get there, here are a couple of high-quality renders of this design:



Featured on!

The Israeli Arutz 7 news site, inn ran a nice article about the prospect of creating a Lego Beresheet. They covered the Lego Ideas review process and some of the history of Lego Ideas.


Featured in a major Israeli newspaper!

Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that a day after I start a Lego Idea it would lead to a print article in Yedioth Ahronoth - one of Israel's leading newspapers!

The image used is from another Lego Idea of Beresheet, and the article describes the Lego Ideas approval process.
As of when the article went to print, this idea had over 900 supporters. Think we could double that by tomorrow?

Everyone who's supported this idea is a huge part of this. Thank you so much! All of you!

Yedioth Ahronoth 2019-04-17


1,000 votes in 34 hours! You guys are amazing!

I can't believe this idea crossed the 1,000 vote milestone so fast! 


We're doing great, and now it's time to start ramping things up! 


Featured on !

This Lego idea was featured in an article (in Hebrew) on GeekTime!

If you came here through the article, thank you so much for taking the time to sign up for Lego Ideas and helping make this set into a reality!


200 supporters in 10 hours! Wow!

This idea went live at around 13:15 today (April 15th). Within 6 hours it had 100 supporters, and now, at 23:40 (Israel time) it reached the 200 vote mark.

I am taken aback and humbled by everyone's support! 

Thank you! 

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