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Map of the United States of America

Welcome to the Map of the United States of America, a 3D topographical map built out of LEGO in a vintage style.
I love building maps in LEGO and wanted to create something beautiful enough to hang in your home. LEGO recently launched a 2D mosaic world map but I wanted to use the 3 dimensions of LEGO to bring the map to life.
The USA (and parts of Canada, Mexico, Cuba and the Bahamas) has a number of geographical features that made it a fun map to design. The interesting coastline spanning two oceans, the great lakes, the Appalachian mountains to the East and the Rocky mountains to the West. I used layers of tiles and plates (and a lot of artistic licence) to create a 3D topographical effect.
I took inspiration from the old LEGO maps you'd get with a pirate set, so I've added a compass and an anchor.
The map is the size of six 16x16 plates (10in x 15in) and is made up of around 1200 parts. The frame is reinforced and I've added a bracket for hanging on the wall, or it can be propped up on a shelf.
Thank you for visiting. If you like this, clicking support will help make this set a reality!
Let me know in the comments section what you think and where you're from :)

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