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Kingdom Hearts Sora

This build highlights one of the most beloved video game characters, Sora, from Kingdom Hearts.
Sora travels from world to world fighting the forces of darkness with his keyblade. The Lego version of the iconic blade features a removable keychain and a crown tip for the weapon. His eyebrows use croissant pieces that allow for dynamic expressions. In terms of posability, Sora has three joints in each arm and a swivel for his head. There is a stand with the iconic heart symbol on the front. Lastly, there is a Sora minifigure with his keyblade.

I built this because of my love for Kingdom Hearts. I was introduced as a kid and have been a fan ever since. I would love for this be a set because there are no Kingdom Hearts Lego sets and I think that it is popular enough to get to 10,000 votes.This build from the Kingdom Hearts series displays its main character in fascinating detail that supports awesome poses and interesting features!

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