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Night at the Museum Entrance/Lobby


This is a model from the movie "Night at the Museum". In this idea, you can create your very own front entrance/lobby that appears in the "Night at the Museum" movie!

On the outside, you have the front doors, the statue of a man on a horse, and the front steps.

On the inside, there is the T-rex skeleton, the lobby desk, Roosevelt's horse (which you can put Roosevelt on), an orange TV screen, and a clock on the wall. Also, there are some slight details on the stairs, doors, and walls.

This set comes with 8 minifigures: Larry Daley, Nicholas Daley, Ahkmenrah, Teddy Roosevelt, Cecil Fredericks, Dexter the monkey, Jedidiah, and Octavius. Although Jedidiah and Octavius are not small like they are in the movie, I thought people would still like to use them.

Please let me know if you think I should make any changes! Thanks for reading and please support!

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