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The Windmill


The Windmill 

This Lego modular building is inspired by my visit of the real one, which was a fascinating experience. In many aspects a real miracle of technology. This windmill is a footstone of a village set, I am working on.

The building consists of about 1300 bricks and was designed in Lego Digital Designer. The style is typically Dutch so there you can find the dark green parts that resembles painted wood cladding. Outside you can find the typical shed for storage of the flour sacks, wooden pier with the hand operated crane, access to the boat to transport products, small tulip garden - that accents even more the Dutch style of this set. There is also a ladder to can access the top of the windmill, or you can store it on the wall if you like. Bike for the miller is there too. The set consists of three mini-figures that operates the windmill. Inside you will find the milling wheels, sacks with flour and some spare parts for the windmill like the wheel on the wall. The floor is wooden, so the feeling of the mill is much better. 

The mill is also moving! so you can rotate the top part of the windmill against the wind and you can turn round the blades so the feeling of the windmill is much more realistic. If you like this Idea of The Windmill set, please support and follow


- windmill with rotation features
- flour storage
- tulip garden
- millers
- bike, barrels, sacks, ladder, hand crane
- boat
- spare parts and tools for the windmill inside the building
- wooden pier

Thank you very much   
play and dream by Ocaskovi

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