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Morgan 3 Wheeler

The best 3 track race cars are shown best in a Top Gear segment from Series 18 Episode 6: the KTM X-Bow, the Caterham 7 and the Morgan 3 Wheeler. There is already a Caterham 7 built in Lego, yet still no Morgan 3 Wheeler (or an KTM X-Bow but I don't really care for that one). I just love the vintage look! 

For the build I used the frame and dimensions of the Caterham 7, instead the edges of the bonnet are more rounded of using the 1x3x2 curved brick. After that it was a matter of copying the hood piece as the rear making it a symmetrical build. Then I rounded off the rear with the 3x3x2 dome top and added a working 2 cylinder engine at the front (connected with gears to the front wheels). Both the bonnet and the boot open: the rear has the 3rd wheel and a spare wheel, the front has the rest of the motor. The last thing was modifying the exhaust pipe, adding the windows and the headrest rings (Brickheads Harry Potter glasses). In the end they looked nothing alike.

Most parts are correct in colour except for the corner plate , the 3x3x2 dome top and the 1x8 tile. I added a lot of prints/stickers to make it pretty: the shark, the UK flag, the number 3, the logo and the license plates. The large prints are on 2 of the 1x2x4 panels and are interchangeble, maybe there can even be additional decalls/stickers/panels in the set. The wheels will need to be altered in the final build, they should be slimmer (2.0 in stead of 2.3 wide) and maybe spoked. All that for 714 pieces.

Have fun driving it!