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Penny Farthing


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Welcome to our collaborative Penny Farthing project.

We are Mark (StrongDuck087) & Darren (InfamousBear071), we are a married couple and enjoy building all sorts together and this is our first submission to LEGO Ideas as a collaborative build bringing together the very best of what we love about LEGO and hope you like it too.

We wanted to create something that would be stylish yet classic, while being technically challenging to construct and be simplistic in appearance on any adorned shelf or mantle. So, we think we have recreated an awesome interpretation of the iconic Penny Farthing. We now just need your vote to secure it as a LEGO Ideas set for the world to enjoy.

If you love it, please click the “Support” button and give it a share or even tag using #legopennyfarthing, this would be so cool.

·      Bike height: 48 cm 50 Layers
·      Bike length: 58 cm 73 Studs
·      Bike width: 20 cm 25 Studs
·      Set height: 72 cm 75 Layers
·      Set length: 64 cm 80 Studs
·      Set width: 26 cm 32 Studs
·      Piece count: 1758 pcs
·      Minifigures: 1

·      90-degree rotating headset.
·      Revolving wheels.
·      Revolving pedals.
·      Victorian style lamps.
·      Victorian style streetlamp (with gas flame & supporting arm).
·      Red Leather seat (with gold springs).
·      1 Minifigure.
·      Penny Farthing (Minifigure scale).

Thank you for reading through this, we hope it has made you come to want this as an official set even more… If so, don’t forget to click that SUPPORT button for us and yourself and share, share and share even more!

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