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Little Modular of Horrors/ Mushnik's Florist Shop


Update 5: "You know the meek are gonna get what's coming to 'em"

Hey all! Thanks for the support so far! I'm back with another small update. This update features 5 new pieces (3 tiles, 1 updated head, and one custom piece). The tiles include Orin's business card (I just took a stab at what I think it looks like since we never actually see the one he hands to Seymour), and two of the magazines seen during "The Meek Shall Inherit". I also updated Orin's gas mask face so it stands out more. The final part of the update is one of Orin's spiked dentist tools. I know custom molded parts aren't allowed on LEGO Ideas, but I feel like none of the official pieces (aside from the syringe) really work for his dentist tools. As always, if you have any suggestions, please let me know!


Updates 2, 3, & 4: "A Matchbox of our own", "I'm mean and green!", and "Don't feed the plants!"

Hey all! I've been busy these past few days working on updates. The first major part of this update was adding Audrey's dream home. This build attaches to the roof of the florist shop like Orin's office and consists of 382 parts. I also gave Audrey a printed 2x3 tile of "Better Homes and Gardens" magazine she is seen with during "Somewhere That's Green". Since I wanted to make the base of each build consistent, I didn't have much space to work with for the house. I only added the couch and TV seen during Audrey's fantasy (so they can snuggle watching "I Love Lucy" on their big, enormous 12 inch screen). 
The next major part of this update is the mean green mother herself (itself?), Audrey 2! I decided it would be fun to try and make a model of Audrey 2 based off of the "Mean Green Mother from Outer space" number. I'm honestly pretty happy with how it turned out. The only thing I wish I could have added were the little buds that Twoey sprouts as backup singers. But other than that, I would say that this is probably my favorite addition to the set.
The final major part of this is Twoey's rampage from the director's cut of the film. Again, using the same base as the dentist office, I felt Micro-scale would be the best direction to go with this build. This build also connects to the roof of the florist shop like Orin's dentist office and Audrey's dream home. This build (including Twoey) consists of 879 pieces. This build features 16 microfigures fleeing from Twoey's wrath with 2 taxies being flung through the air and a cloud of smoke behind Twoey.
Along with these, I also added a few more minifigures and details to the set. For the new minifigures, I decided to add the first customer (I don't think he has an actual name) and Arthur Denton (played by Bill Murray). I also created a custom face for Orin using Loki's face for one side and the other side has his gas mask using Chandler Bing's alternate face as a base with additional printing for the mask. As for interior and exterior changes, I added phones and a radiator into the florist shop, I added a shelf of Seymour's plants to his room, and I added trash to the sidewalks and alleyway (Thanks to AAC0813 on r/littleshopofhorrors for the idea!). In total across these updates, the final piece count is now 3105.
I've also decided to make a render of the entire model.
If you have any other suggestions, let me know! Thanks for the support so far!


Update 1: "Your mouth's a mess, kid!"

Hey all! Thanks for the support so far! I have the first update to the set featuring Orin's office. This includes the office (obviously) as well a staircase to reach it and giving Orin his dentist uniform and tools. Here's a little hint for the next update (I'll probably post it in 5 days or if we reach a major milestone): It has something to do with Audrey. Again, thanks for the support!

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