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Egyptian Museum

I´ve always loved all the Egyptian stuff, and I love Lego too, so you can imagine that my favorite Lego theme is Adventurers Egypt. Sadly, I was born too late to buy the adventurers sets. Anyways, I think this kind of theme is something that a lot of people miss, something that would be well received if Lego bring it back. There are a lot of things that Lego fans could remember with this set and a lot of details from the old theme, but it is not only for adults but for all ages, this is the way I try to introduce to new generations my love for this historical period.
It is divided into three parts: The first floor, where you can find a lot of references to Adventurers like the pharaoh Hotep and his magic Re-Gou ruby, the adventurer Jhonny Thunder, etc. The second floor has some magic treasures that belong to other famous pharaoh, his coffin, and some of his mummies, plus some other Egyptian objects from other themes. On the top of the building is the pharaoh statue watching from above for someone to try to steal all the treasures. Finally, in front of the museum are two ancient cat statues and a bench where minifigures can seat to read while a magician sells balloons.
There are around ten minifigs and the amount of pieces is 2559

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