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A-Z Fighter


Hello ! 

Since I was a little boy I am fan of the Lego Star Wars (I have now 22 years old). I had many including the Imperial Destroyer. After building some 20 reproductions I decided to start to create.

At the time I didn’t know this website, in truth it has only been three days that I discovered it! A friend of mine told me about this concept I decided to darken! I present to you then a spatial ship that I had built a decade ago and that I reproduced on LDD (with small changes compared to my real model).

Inspired by the Star Wars universe, I hope that this spatial ship will appeal to the fan as it me please. I named this ship A - Z Fighter. I tried to give an effect of important detail on the high ship parts as if it saw the cabin components. A - Z Fighter is a very fast and combat space ship, reason why it is very streamlined, is equipped with a hyper-drive reactor and has, in all, six rotating turrets to ions (you can pick them up! 2 in the front and 4 at back). With regard to the colour it is very sober.

If the A - Z Fighter please you do not hesitate to support me! I thank you in advance!

(I’m French so I beg you to excuse my English..)

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