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Modern Campervan


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Here is a modern take on the campervan. Similar in size to the cars of the creator expert series, this model depicts a typical European style RV, full of carefully designed details and inspired by several real campervans – without trying to match one make and model exactly.

Take off the flat-top roof to give view to the interior: Built in are a small kitchen with sink and stove, a “living room” with two benches and a table, a bathroom complete with mirror, toilet and hand basin, and a cosy bed in the back of the van. There is a satellite TV, as well. The satellite dish is mounted on the roof (a ladder is attached at the back of the van) and can be folded down for travelling times.

Open the front hood to see the four-cylinder engine. The front doors and the main door open as well, as does a hatch on the right side, where you can see the gas container that feeds the stove and oven.

I built this model only with parts that I had available, most of which come from the many sets that my son got through the years for birthdays, Christmas and Easter. This is why the back hatch is transparent, the actual one should be white. There is always room for improvement.

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