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Terraria: Duke Fishron Battle

Terraria has always been my favorite video game, and for many years I have wanted a LEGO product based off of it. I believe that this is an incredible display based off of the video game, and I am beyond excited for you to learn more about it!

  • Battle the Mutant Terror of the Sea in this epic Terraria build!

  • Duke Fishron has awoken, along with his Sharkron minions! Armor up and fly into battle with your trusty Hoverboard! Watch out for Duke Fishron’s large fangs and dodge his flapping wings! Only you can stop him!

  • Duke Fishron includes adjustable lower wings, tail, and head, as well as “flapping” wings that can be activated by a button on his back!

  • The player included comes with Shroomite Armor and a Hoverboard!

  • Two Sharkrons are included, ready to fight at Duke Fishron’s side!

  • This model includes 202 pieces, one Minifigure, and two sharks, as well as a buildable Duke Fishron character!

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