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The Village Dairy


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Summer night in the village. Gerda and Gustav get up very early, before dawn to make the daily farm duties and offer all the fresh products to the neighbors who will come to the village dairy early in the morning. The song of crickets and toads, fireflies and a sky full of stars accompany them while they milk the cows and collect the eggs from the chicken coop.

About The Project

This project is a symbolic trip to the summers of my childhood in which I used to visit the town of my grandparents. Having always been a city boy, these visits revealed a new and unknown world to me: Where does milk come from? How is cheese made? How is honey extracted from hives?
The strong aroma of the freshly cut flowers, the sound of water at the bottom of the well, the toads on the sidewalks, the large storage silos full of grain and the crickets singing during all the nights... All those memories have inspired the idea of this project.

The Village Dairy

I’ve created this model with real LEGO pieces and as I did with some of my previous projects (The Meeting Point, Magical Village Over the Bridge or University of Brickester) I use the computer just to create some structural parts of the design and to check out a bit of the colour scheme. I’ve made the final photographs of the model in my own studio.

This set consists of approximately 1,450 pieces and includes 2 minifigures. Some printed parts / stickers are suggested.
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