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S.W.A.T.I. (Single Troop Walker, All-Terrain Insectoid)

I created the S.W.A.T.I. one day awhile back, just for fun, not really anything, just to pass my time; but my friend one day recommended to put it on CUUSOO. I have been to this website many times before to look at the sweet inventions my fellow creators have put up. I never thought of it before, but then I created an account so I could put up my newly made S.W.A.T.I. I would like to see what you guys think of it in the comments section. I would be very happy if you would support me. I would love for this to become a LEGO set. Thank You.

S.W.A.T.I. stands for Single Troop Walker, All-Terrain Insectoid. It is designed for quick maneuverability, with amazing firepower, and efficiency on the battlefield. It has movable legs: up and down, left and right. The S.W.A.T.I. has two main cannons facing the front. It has a gun rack on the back, holding two guns, one for the driver and a backup/another trooper. It's height makes enemies feel intimidated. Nobody can stand against the S.W.A.T.I.

-2 main blaster cannons
-ARF Trooper easily sits on top. Almost all other LEGO MInifigures will work too
-Main controls easy at reach
-Shield to protect the driver

-Gun rack that holds two guns
-Exhaust vents

-4 movable legs: can move up and down, left and right
-S.W.A.T.I. approx. 2-2.5 LEGO Minifigures tall

Not even battledroids can withstand the power of S.W.A.T.I!

Thanks for your support:)

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