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Punishing One: Dengar's Starship


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Who do you call when you need a job done but Boba Fett is all booked up or just out of your budget? Dengar!

When it comes to the Star Wars universe there is no shortage of fandom for all things bounty hunter. Dengar has become one of my favorite characters and it was wonderful to get a new minifig and speeder for him this year. However, a bounty hunter of his caliber deserves the full ensemble. 

The Punishing One is a modified JumpMaster 5000 (a ship normally used for mapping out hyperspace routes). The Starship was equipped with ion cannons, proton torpedo launchers, and a quad laser cannon controlled by an astromech droid so the pilot can focus on evasive maneuvers.

Set Specs:

  • Bricks: approximately 1360
  • Included Minifigs: Dengar, Baash & Raam (Dengar's Iktotchi henchmen), Astromech droid
  • Spring missiles on under side
  • Functioning ramp to interior
  • Liftable roof to view interior
  • Detachable landing gear

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