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Tazz Land

Ever since I was really young castle and knight has been apart of my child as I can remember. I always love getting a castle type set if it was just a small carriage or a wizard fortress. I have built my own little castles before when I was young, but slowly got bored building castles and started to build spaceships, robots, and modular like builds. I never thought I would build another castle again I have tried before, but never got into the build. Until one day back in sophomore year in highschool I didn't know what to build, so my sister gave me a suggestion of to build a place call Tazz Land.
I thought it over for awhile and came up with idea I can be a type of castle for my dog Tazz to rule, so I began to build it and made three version of it and ended up redoing them over until I felt happy with the build and I never was. I shelved the project until I can figure out how to build it in the way I want it to be, be happy with it, and have the motivation to build a type of castle again. Then in summer of 2019 my dog Tazz passed away and after his passing I promised him that I will name my hotel build after him and will make Tazz Land to honor him. So a year later I began to think about the design of it and building it to honor him. Then I the middle of the building process my dog Jefrow passed away as well and do to his passing I decided to make the build just honor just them, but to honor all the amazing pets my family owned and loved over the years just to say thank you and all of you won't be forgotten ever.
Build info:
The build has a story that goes with it and it begins with a little girl reading a story book under a tree called Tazz Land and the story is the build it self about two kingdoms coming together in peace to better the lives of their citizens. The first kingdom is the red kingdom ruled by a king and queen and the second kingdom is the blue kingdom ruled by dog king and dog prince. The entire build is built on four 32x32 baseplates and the foundation is two plates high. The castle has five rooms and they are the throne room, two prison's, a kitchen, and a blacksmith. The castle removable roofs, walls, and watch towers for east access into the rooms. One prison has a wall launching feature for the prisoner to escape and the castle has a working drawbridge. Inside the throne room there is a glass stained window and statues that represents great warriors. Outside the castle it's winter that has the kingdoms citizens doing there jobs or helping out like fishing, guarding, and shoveling snow. Also cleaning the snow off the roof and removing wood toys like wood swords and shields off the roof.

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