Product Idea

BotW Shrine (+ a Korok!)

100, Already!


Wow, I came back from summer camp is this is my welcome home, I love it! Thanks for all the help guys, and if you wish share to get to 1,000!

Sorry for the bad image, but I was in a bit of a hurry.

What's a shrine without runes?


I made the runes, and also a shrine chest. These items should give you more playability. It comes with a shrine chest, magnesis, remote bombs, and cryonis.

Next up: Shrine enemies

Shrine Mummy


We Can't forget the whole purpose of a shrine, the spirit orb shrine mummy!

My design comes with the mummy, the box with a removable roof for easy access

And of course, the Spirit Orb! Which really isn't anything great, just a ball with a design.