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Lolo & Lala


Hello everyone, and thank you so much for looking at my Lolo & Lala project proposal. What you see here are LEGO renditions of some forgotten video game heroes who hold a place in my heart and play a small but critical role in the video game world and its history. Their names are Lolo and Lala, small but determined spherical characters who are destined for each other and to rule the kingdom of Eden with kindness and virtue.

Who are Lolo and Lala?

Lolo and Lala are the main characters from a puzzle video game series called "Eggerland" - created by "Kirby" creator HAL Labs - which usually pits Lolo to rescue his sweetheart Lala from the nefarious King Egger and his trap-laden castle. To complete the levels, Lolo must work his way around the room, collect all the Heart Containers to open the treasure box while dodging traps and baddies, then proceed to the next room, each one getting increasingly tricky to solve. You must really use your thinking cap to save the day.

The "Eggerland" series made its debut on the MSX computer system in 1985 as "Eggerland Mystery" in its native Japan, all the way to "Fukkatsu! Eggerland" (it means "Revival! Eggerland in Japanese) for the PC in 1996. The most famous games in the series are the "Adventures of Lolo" trilogy for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). Recently Lolo and Lala have been making appearances in the Kirby games as "Lololo" and "Lalala", and have even been in the TV show, "Kirby: Right Back at Ya!", under the names of "Fololo" and "Falala" as supporting characters.

What are some details?

The models were done using LEGO Digital Designer and contain a total of 173 pieces (according to the parts list). Lolo and Lala are not that much smaller than perhaps a LEGO Brickheadz model, but they're still fun for using your imagination.

What made you decide to create these models?

I have a soft spot for lesser-known cartoon and video game characters who end up lost in time. While some game series like "Super Mario", "The Legend of Zelda", and "Pokemon" make it big, there are others that are just as good who just seem to be swept off the side. I believe it's up to people to preserve these characters' memories, as their history is so rich. Video games would've been much different if not for unsung heroes like Lolo and Lala.

When I was a little kid I remember renting video games from local movie rental stores like Blockbuster and Hastings. One such game I remember is "The Adventures of Lolo". I was too little to fully understand the concept, but I played it and "The Adventures of Lolo 2" with my sister. The name not only stuck with me all these years but it's part of my soul. Regardess of what name and game the characters are in, the little blue hero will always be "Lolo" to me. 

Thanks to newer LEGO pieces, the concept and design is now easier to create than ever before, and because of these pieces I now present this design to potential supporters.

Why should I support this project?

There are those like me who might also remember these characters. If nothing else these characters do have a certain degree of appeal, even in LEGO form. For kids they might make great imagination ideas like little action figures. The characters might also make good wedding gifts and even make good desk toys to add while you work!

To those who are interested, I thank you very much for your help. Let's honor these characters by supporting this idea so that they won't be forever lost and that generations to come will appreciate the appeal and potential these characters have.

Ladies and gentlemen, Lolo and Lala.

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