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Trainset With Electric Locomotive Type NSB EL14 and B3 Train Carriages

I have designed a remote controlled train set.
The locomotive is a Norwegian NSB EL14 and the carriages are type B3.
The train has 6 axles but two of the axles has wheels without a flange (round plate 2x2), and
therefore it can handle the sharp Lego tracks.
It is 8 stud wide - not 6 stud, because 8 stud is a lot more realistic than 6 stud trains.

It should not be a problem to use this set together with other models from LEGO.
This train has realistic length on the carriages and is meant both for grown ups and kids.
The set has 1833 parts.
The Carriages is of type B3.
The locomotive is driven by Power ups, but it can easily be upgraded to Power funtions system.

I have designed this train because I shall build it to myself, but putting it on ideas can also be fun.

This set can be very good for Lego because it has high realism like feks the length of the carriages and the locomotive looks like a real train, not only a toy, and therefore this set may appeal also to grown ups.

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