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Battle Bot


It's The Phone Guy again, with the battle bot. This is one of the many new projects I have coming up.

This Battle-Bot (#23428) was originally used in the year 2498 A.D. during some war I just made up. After that war, there was a crime rebellion in New York spreading all the way to France. The crime-lords reactivated the bots to use them to fight against the local police + U.S. Military. Once the military diminished of all the crime rebels, the robots (that survived) became mostly self aware, reactivating themselves and escaping the little wooden barns or whatever place they were kept in. Luckily for the police, they mostly hid, and did not attack or show themselves really. There are theorists that say they took a NASA base and blasted off into space, because people had lost contact with a NASA base for a short  while one day when an old battle bot was sighted. People hope they won't come back to fight the human race; Only time will tell.

This set comes with a brick built battle bot with a self-destruct feature, a minigun, and an grabber arm. The legs so far can only move sideways, but you can make several epic poses. In a later update, I will add ball joints to the legs.

Well, thanks for reading my description. Please support this, and comment! Thanks!

-The Phone Guy

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