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Medieval Docks and Wharf


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It's almost evening at Portland Docks, only the sounds of the waves lapping at the weathered dock can be heard. The air is salty, and a cool sea breeze is drifting in from the sea. Almost everyone has gone home and only the last few stragglers are packing up the last few barrels and bringing in the animals to there stalls for the night. A lone guard watches the quaint scene from is post, like a statue, as if part of the building itself.

This would make a great set, in addition to the blacksmith that has already been released.

The build includes some innovative techqunices, such as the one which makes up the round wall. One of the doors also is made by stacking plates on their side. I really wanted to make it like a picture back in time, so I based the houses and buildings of historical images, and made sure to make the stone work look as weathered as possible.

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