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Flag Memory

What is it?
This is a flag memory game aimed at training your brain and getting to learn flags from around the world. Flag Memory has 30 pairs of flags with the following countries; Denmark, The Netherlands, United States of America (USA), England, Poland, Luxembourg, Romania, Finland, Belgium, France, Sweden, Canada, Portugal, Spain, Peru, Germany, Ukraine, Thailand, United Arab Emirates (UEA), Austria, Russia, Egypt, China, Ireland, Hungary, Mexico, Italy, Bulgaria, India and Brazil.

Why did you build it?
I thought it would be a good way for people to keep their brain young and trained but in a fun way. It is also a great way for children to learn an entry level game and get them to learn a few of the different flags from around the world.

Total pieces: 1717
The set has 30 pairs of flags (60 "cards" total), each card has a border so when it is upside down you cannot see what the flag is.
Each card is 8,80 cm long x 6,40 cm wide x 0,64 cm high
The box is made to look like a wooden box, measuring at 29,60 cm long, 16,00 cm wide, 10,24 cm high (closed) and 29,60 cm long, 18,56 cm wide, 22,88 cm high (open).
The box also has six 1x4 with 2 Studs without groove plates to make sure it stays closed but also easy to open, also uses four hinges for a sturdy opening lid.

Each flag has been randomly chosen and replicated the best I could, it involves standard tiles and printed tiles.

Why do I believe this would make a great LEGO set?
I believe this would make a great LEGO set because memory can be fun for all ages, it can be educational by learning what flag belongs to which country. Also having the memory game sitting within a wooden looking box it can be a nice decor piece to have and not just hide in a cupboard.

If it gets 10,000 supporters it could become a real LEGO set for you to own.

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