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Medieval Shield and Crossed Swords


This is a near-life-sized medieval shield and crossed swords display meant to be hung on a wall, such as you'd see in a castle or old, European manor.

Overall, it is 21" (53cm) across and 28" (71cm) high, and weighs about 6 lbs (2.7kg). The shield itself is a little over 16" (40cm) across and 21" (53cm) high.

This build isn't optimized -- it could be made with far fewer bricks than I ended up using -- so I can't be sure what the actual brick count would be. That said, I expect it would be roughly 600 +/- 100 pieces. I'd like to try replacing the field design with another design, possibly a lion rampant -- given how it's built (the field design just sits on a base within the gray outline), that should be pretty straightforward.

This is a companion build to my prior project -- Excalibur: A Life-Sized Longsword -- which could easily be used as one of the swords behind this shield.

The photo with the dollar bill in it is just for scale. The last photo shows how it looks hanging on the wall in my office. I think it would look terrific in a kid's room or a playroom, too.

Happy to answer questions...thanks for looking.

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