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Studs Brickley and the Overtones


Studs Brickley could not stand the absence of harmony in Bricksburg anymore, so he got his friends together and formed a Barbershop Quartet. Now Studs Brickley and the Overtones embark on a musical journey, spreading harmony along with their waxed mustaches across the studded world.

Barbershop music is performed a cappella by a group of four singers, with one on each vocal part: lead, tenor, bass and baritone.

The main build will include a raised stage to serve as a venue for various performances, starring Studs Brickley and the Overtones. The stage will have various wood grain printed pieces as well as raised studs so you will be able to pose multiple performers simultaneously. A blank banner resides above the stage and numerous stickers options will be provided for a customizable Lego venue. Studs Brickley and the Overtones may be the stars, but the stage can accommodate other acts.

Each member of the quartet will have a cane, new vest printing, and new boater hat design. This new attire will add to minifigure diversity, as well as expand the music genres currently represented through Minifigures and LEGO sets.

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