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Christmas Holiday Gingerbread House Robot


My son and I were thinking what could be added to the already amazing holiday Lego sets that is completely fresh and new. We wanted to make a classic 60's style windup robot because they are just simply cool, and thought perhaps do one better.

Make it a combination gingerbread house and robot in one!

So this is what we came up with...

Lots of candy and lights were important and a cool feature element. What is this cool feature element you may ask?

We added a Christmas scene inside the robot. You get a sneak peek with the open window effect and it opens up to reveal the rest of the detail inside. How Cool!

There is a fireplace with lights above. Christmas tree in the back with stocking on the side. Even a present on the floor that Santa just left.

Other Features Include: Rotating head / Arms move up and down / Wind up mechanism turns / Wheels underneath for rolling action

Not to mention all the cool details like presents for ears and candy canes for his arms to mention a few.

What a fun build and discovering the use of candy and color along the way.

We would love to see this created for others to enjoy during the holiday season!


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