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Maserati Levante


One of the most interesting SUVs on the market. Italian design, luxurious interior and Ferrari engine – just a perfect car. Set was inspired by Speed Champions line and includes a car with width of 6 to fit others in the series. It is rock solid to be a toy for a kid and little statue for automotive fan.

Model was designed using Lego Digital Designer, rendered by LDD-to-POV Converter. Prototype was built using bricks from Architecture Studio 21050, Mercedes 75877 and Fords 75881 from Speed Champion Series. Not all bricks were available in the designer. Stickers printed on regular, home printer. Car was designed using iterative process of prototyping using regular Lego bricks.

Set includes:

  • Car modelled based on Maserati Levante photos (14x6.5cm and weights 143 grams)
  • Interior was designed based on leather as in real car
  • One minifigure of driver

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