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The Time Machine 1960 (Model and Tantalus Box)

The Time Machine is an iconic and memorable film, created from an incredible book. Because of this I have created a project based on the iconic unveiling of the time machine in the film. Not the actual machine, but the unveiling of the model in the stunning Tantalus box, right before the demonstration of its incredible ability.

I have included a large, detailed, detachable model of the time machine as well as a stylish and beautiful Tantalus box that the model can fit into.
The time machine features its bold colors, unique shape and various features and controls, the various red, yellow and green lights that indicate the time machine is operating have been included as well as the lever to activate the machine. The chair has also been added with its classic, red padding, the dish and iconic gold skeletal frame have also been created to make the time machine as relatable to the film as possible.

The Tantalus box has an intricate and stunning design on the front and top sides with a smart pattern that draws you in and makes it memorable to fans.
The front and top sides can also be raised to reveal the inside model and the sides can also be changed to reveal the inside of the box and the rest of the time machine model.

Overall if you're a fan of Sci-fi, time travel, films or LEGO, you will hopefully enjoy this iconic, unique and wonderful design, so please support my project so that fans of LEGO have the great opportunity to expand their collection.

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