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Toyota Celica LB Turbo Group 5 - Lego Speed Champions


The Toyota Celica LB Turbo was a Group 5 Special Production racecar version of the 3-door lift back first generation Toyota Celica 2000 GT. It competed in the Fourth generation Group 5 series in 1977 and 1978. It was plagued with reliability problems but it managed to finish twice and win a non-championship race. At the end of its European career, it went on to compete in Japan with limited success.Throughout its competitive seasons, it was the only non-German car to compete in the top division of the German series. It's debut race was at Hockenheimring circuit in Germany, which I have represented with a small section of track.


While the Toyota Celica LB Turbo does not have the most impressive career, with only 21 starts and 2 victories, I built this model because I believe that it will make a nice addition to the current speed champions lineup. It would also be the first car from the Group 5 series of European racing.


My reproduction of this historic racecar consists of 175 bricks. The entire scene is only 290 bricks. I built the original 1977 version which was in blue and featured the number 56. It later changed to a red and white color scheme.


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