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The MOCingbird - Official State Bird of the MOC Builders Community

MOC builders' beloved state bird is finally coming in to land right on your display shelf! As we all well know, MOCingbirds are a very special bird species exhibiting a unique nest-building behavior: They never follow any construction patterns when creating their nest. Shapes and colors of all parts selected for a build are chosen by individual taste and creativity. Yet, latest observations indicate there might be certain "building techniques" applied by a large number of MOCingbirds - for example one of the most popular techniques identified by ornithologists is called "FNOT", which stands for "(Tree) Forks Not On Top". However, to fully understand the building behavior of MOCingbirds much more research is needed.

Features of the model:
  • Adjustable head (including rotation)
  • Openable beak
  • Movable wings
  • Adjustable tail feathers
Thank you very much for supporting my entry, possibly paving the way for the MOCingbird to finally be awarded his own dedicated LEGO set!