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Snow Fairies

This is a snowy landscape scene inhabited by an elder fairy and his mysterious black pet. I used LEGO to create a vast expanse of snow, campfires, and dilapidated fences, as well as their dried fish and food. The fairy has a long white beard and a big belly. I used many LEGO pieces to portray his ornate antennae. He holds a wooden staff and carries a backpack, which is an enlarged version modeled after a LEGO piece. In his hand, he carries a bundle, looking like a traveler in the snowy wilderness. I used a piece of canvas to create a small tent that provides shelter from the wind and snow, with some daily essentials piled inside. The scene is filled with traces of the fairies' lives.
I have always been fond of fantasy and imaginative themes. Unlike the mundane things we see in everyday life, I believe a good set can inspire people's imagination and evoke a sense of adventure, as if there is a fascinating story waiting for us to discover in another world.

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