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IMPORTANT: I am leaving this up here, but I will rarely be on cuusoo. As far as I am concerned, I will be inactive. Please do not request me to make Pokémon! If anyone would like to use one of my ideas to make their own project, please feel welcome. Now that we've cleared this up, read on my fellow Pokémon fan!
- irule

Lego Pokémon is a re-creation of the well known video game and card game, Pokémon. In this Lego version, not only are there Lego Pokémon models such as Lego Pikachu and Charizard, but now, I have created a Pokeball to fit in your hand, and to hold the Pokémon.

My Pokémon in brick version:


Now, the card game of Pokémon has so many rules that I've been playing it for four years, yet I can't memorize all of the rules. Lego Pokémon ( the game ) is not meant to be like that.
The few simple things go like this.
Energy types: These are the energies that a Pokémon has. For example, Pikachu is Lightning, and Charizard is Fire.
The types work by advantage. For example, Fire ( Charizard ), which is beat by Water, and Lightning ( Pikachu ), which beats water, if they were in a battle, Pikachu would win. Because Pikachu is Lightning, and Lightning beats Water which beats Fire, Lightning has the advantage. Therefor, Pikachu wins.

To start a battle:

1.) Pick three Pokémon. It doesn't matter what type.

2.) Put one Pokémon in the Pokeball's stand without showing your partner.

3.) Put your Pokeball on a surface and open it.

4.) Who ever has the advantage wins.

5.) If your Pokémon is beaten, you can no longer use it for that battle. If it wins, you can continue to use it.

6.) Keep playing until someone has three wins, or all of the Pokémon your opponent or you have are gone.

NOTE: Keep playing if you have the same type as your opponent. Pick different Pokémon and re-do that round.

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This is the Lego Pokeball! In my first picture, you see it closed. In this picture, you see it open. It has a hollow roof, so taller Pokémon can fit inside. It also has a stand in the bottom half for your Pokémon to sit on. Not only does this open and hold Pokémon, but it also fits perfectly in your hand ( if your hand isn't the size of a baby's ).

This is Lego Charizard. He has 36 pieces, unlike Lego Pikachu, with 98. Charizard and Pikachu are my only Pokémon so far. Even so, they are pose-able, with moving arms and legs. Charizard's wings move. Pikachu's ears move. Please support, and if I'm lucky enough to reach 10,000 supports, please enjoy!

This is my third model. Look how cute Tepig is! I did his eyes in photo shop ( it resembles stickers ) and built the rest on LDD, like Pikachu and Charizard. Anyways, Tepig has 28 bricks, my smallest creation yet. His ears move and so does the tail. His legs are so stubby, to make them move, Tepig's legs would be about an inch taller. Tepig is also a fire type.

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Voilà! It's Lego Oshawott! Just like Tepig, Oshawott has stickers on his face ( actually photo shopped in ). His arms move and so do his legs. They don't swivel like Pikachu's, but Oshawott is still pose-able. For his shell, I used a tan flat piece ( in case you didn't know it's a shell ). Oshawott is a water type Pokémon. Please keep supporting! And don't forget to suggest new Pokémon!