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Orange Castle


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Orange Castle is a converted castle from the aristocratic villa on the hill. It's a castle that monitors the enemy's movements rather than fighting.
We're remodeling the villa and keeping the troops, but the fortress is small, so there aren't that many soldiers. It's now occupied by the Falcons.
It is made up of three layers on a rock. The way up to the entrance is quite long (?) and is full of bumpy rocks around. The hill is rough, so it seems that a few soldiers can defend.
Overall, the first floor is the entrance and watchtower. A young guard is standing guard in heavy armor. If you go inside, it's the kitchen and the place where you put your weapons. If you go upstairs through the stairs, there are small buildings. Most of them are guarded by archers. The largest building consists of two layers. There are no obstacles around, so it is the place where you can best understand the movements of the enemy.
Outside the building, there are small guard posts, stables, and wells. The soldier is drawing water. I think it's going to be really hard because I have to climb a rough hill. If you look closely, there is a small emergency passageway between the rocks.
I tried different colors and parts that are not used in construction in castles. I hope you'll be able to stretch your imagination.

Total 2255 parts.

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