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Star Wars Episode 7 - Rathtar Attack!


Rathtars are loose on Han's freighter! At the very moment the Guavian Death Gang boards the freighter to collect their debt, scoundrels luck is on Han's side! The chaos caused by the Rathtars attack gives Han's the perfect opportunity to slip away.

This exciting moment from 'The Force Awakens' was so much fun and I've tried to emulate this into the play set.  I really wanted to create a Rathtar that would actually roll so came up with a design that would allow the body to spin but the legs on either side would stay stationary.  I'm new to Lego design so have used a central rod that feeds through the body and joins onto the outer disks the legs are attached to.  Smooth bricks on the body would stop the leg disks sticking when spinning.  You would hold onto the thicker legs as a handle and push forward to make the body roll.  I've included a picture to try and show the motion used :)  I envisage the mouth design being printed onto the piece used for the face and stickers could be used in the hallway and door control. I've also included an alternative design for a non-moving Rathtar using the Darth Maul 'hair' as central teeth.

I've included doors that open and close to allow the Guavian Death Gang a fighting chance against the Rathtar attack.  I think a set like this is a great way to get the Force Awakens Han minifigure that is currently only available in the Millennium Falcon set.

Minifigures could include:

  • Han Solo
  • Bala-Til (Guavian Gang frontman)
  • Guavian Security Soldiers x2

Lego does an amazing job with their Star Wars sets! I just want to share ideas for SW sets I would want to own (scenes from the movies) to go hand in hand with the vehicle sets :)  Hope you like this idea and if  you're interested, these are my other projects:


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