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Criminal Hideout

This build is a hideout for the worst criminals on earth. I decided to build it because I thought an abandoned building would look nice in a city. I believe it would make a great LEGO set because LEGO already has a lot of police sets, so why don't they make it where you can put a hideout building in your city.

The first three images show the first floor and the outside. That floor is to make it where coppers don't get suspicious. The second floor is where the fun begins with a wall of their enemies, a map of robberies, and stacks of TNT.

The third floor is the last floor, and you know how robbers always have soft spots for something, This group is gardening! All the windows are heavily boarded up just so no one would see there are secrets. The set would include 5 figures, 3 bad guys, a bystander, and a cop.

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