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Miffy - Red Yellow Blue

Miffy (or "Nijntje" in dutch) is a little rabbit drawn by Dick Bruna a dutch artist (see wikipedia for more background information). She appears in childerns books and almost every child in the Netherlands grows up with these books and stories about Miffy. While I was reading a Miffy book with my 1,5 year old daugther. I thought it would be great to create a Miffy figure in Lego. Cause next to reading Miffy, my daughter loves Duplo. She's acutually the reason I rediscovered my interest in Lego and bought new sets (that brought me back to really good childhood memories). And so my first Lego ideas projected started.

My model contains 3 Miffy figures. I chose for 3 figures cause I think it would be a really good experience to build the figures together with your childeren. I used SNOT techniques therefore there is no single stud visable on the figures.

The piece count of one Miffy is 185 pieces, which brings the set total to a piece count of 555 pieces.

Please help me get enough support, to make this model an official set and I (and other parents) can build it with their childern. Next to that I would love to hear what you guys think of it.

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