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TF-86 Landshark Mech


About This Project:

This is my TF-86 Landshark mech. It has earned it's name from being fast and agile as well as destructive. It is poseable and the waist can spin 360 degrees. The cockpit can hold one pilot. Behind the cockpit is where the engine is located. The engine can be viewed by opening the armored hood behind the cockpit. First you have to move the shoulder cannon/rocket launchers out of the way of the hood. One hand is a large caliber cannon with a secondary mini cannon. The other hand is a claw hand for grippin and rippin.

Play Features:

  • Cockpit holds one pilot.
  • Engine can be viewed by opening the hood.
  • Poseable
  • Hand can hold a minifigure.


  • One pilot minifigure.

I think this is a cool mech with a neat colors and cool poseability. If you like it too please support and share.

Thank you very much for your support.

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