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Jabba's Pizza Hutt


I love pizza and I love star wars so I thought what better way to combine my two loves than creating Jabba's Pizza Hutt.

A fun and simple set featuring some of your favourite star wars characters and some nice play features. 

There are two pizza ovens in the back kitchen, as well as Han frozen in carbonite (which Jabba is using as a fridge) 

Slave Leia is working (or being made to work!) behind the tills while Emperor Palpatine is waiting for his order, which just happens to be order number 66.

Jabba is helping serve the pizzas that are ready but the builders forgot about his tail, so poor Jabba had to have a small hole built into the wall just to fit him in! 

Although there are many mini figures featured in the pictures the set itself would come with Jabba, slave Leia and a stormtrooper in chef's overalls to work in the kitchen. 

I have kept the colour scheme in keeping with Jabba's Palace, a mix of tans and greys and also mixed in some orange bricks for texture and extra colour. I think this would work well as part of a city set or a standalone set for display and play. 

Hope you enjoy and hope you think this would be a set you would like to build yourself one day. 

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