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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' Turtle Van vs. Shredder's Transport Module

Hi everyone, here's my submission for TMNT: the classic cartoon Turtle Van going up against Shredder's Transport Module! I grew up with these guys and wanted to bring back a theme I missed out on coming back to LEGO as an adult.

The Turtle Van fits all four turtles with their weapons in the back, along with a box of ooze canisters. Some throwing stars and two skateboards are tucked away underneath as well. The side doors open vertically on both sides, and the roof down the middle for the any extra attacks!

The Transport Module holds up to four minifigures (but only three included here) along with some back storage as well. It can ride also upsidedown!

I built this for my kids who are just getting into the Turtles themselves, so I wanted to make a set that would be fun for both display and play.

Hope you like it. Thanks for looking!

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