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Gumball and Darwin From "The Amazing World of Gumball"

The Idea
Behold, the two main characters from the children's TV show The Amazing World of Gumball: Gumball and Darwin Watterson! While the show ended in 2019, there is actually a movie based on the series currently in development, and a new series that is based off of the movie planned, so this idea is very relevant (and cute!)

The Model
The idea has 134 pieces, 69 for Gumball and 65 for Darwin. The hinged parts are Gumball's tail and arms, and the tops of their heads are removable, so you can look at their brains inside (I don't know why you'd want to do this, but it's possible because of the way I built these, so I made it a feature). Because Gumball's body is one stud wide, you can rotate him horizontally any way you want. His ears can also be rotated all around without hitting other pieces. As for Darwin, his legs can be changed to face outwards rather than forwards if you want him to stand more 2D-like. Also, you can remove their teeth without dismantling the models if you want their happy smiles to look a little different.

As for stability, even though they have such large heads, both figures balance well. Gumball's feet are smaller, but his tail can be angled to the floor to balance him easier.

I don't think the idea needs any custom stickers or printed parts - the existing eye pieces look good already, with the black oval part making Gumball and Darwin look like their season 1 designs, while the eyes being circles makes them look as they do in season 3 onwards, so I think these eyes are perfect. Maybe the arch on Gumball could have a whisker print, Darwin's fin could have lines, his shoes could have the white dot, or they both could have eyebrows printed somewhere, but none of those are absolutely necessary.

Thanks for looking and supporting!

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