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The Winter Village


Winter is coming! Christmas is coming! The whole village is working hard to prepare the end of year festivities!
Then the snow makes its appearance and an immense white mantle covers the landscape.
This set of about 2500 pieces will beautify your snowy village for the winter.
The set includes two buildings as well as numerous accessories for more playability, as well as ten minifigures.

Detail of contents:
-A blue grocery store (sand blue) with a small apartment on the floor,
-A brick house,
-A booth selling hot drinks,
-A bush without leaves decorated,
-A black floor lamp,
-Christmas decorations between houses,
-A snowman,
-Fir trees (small and large)


The grocery store includes:
-Several crates full of food for the Christmas feast,
-The cash register
- Bananas, carrots, bread sticks, apples, cherries ...
-A chimney
-An apartment with a little Christmas tree, a table, a chair, a tart and a coffee, a small piece of furniture with a pen and ink to write, a painting and Christmas balls.
-A small attic with Christmas decoration, a trophy and several bottles.
The exterior of the building is decorated for the holiday season. The roof is covered with snow and climbing plants grow along the wall. The windows of the shop are overlooked by red and white blinds. Peaks of ice fall from the roof, a pretzel indicates that the building has a store, the chimney is detailed and there are christmas decorations above the windows and even on the roof and chimney.


The house contains:
-A ground floor with a kitchen and a small living room.
-The living room includes a decorated fireplace, a carpet, a small shelf, logs for fire, a small gift.
-The kitchen includes several furnishings including an oven, furniture with drawers, as well as many accessories such as cupcakes, croissant and a glass.
-The floor includes a bedroom with a beautiful bed.
The outside of the house is, like the grocery store, decorated and snow-covered. There is the mailbox, the hot drinks stand (with cafes, small biscuits and tables as well as barriers).


-A grocer
-4 children
-A skier
-2 women
-2 men

Thank you all for your support! I hope you enjoy my creation!
​                                                                                                                                                           -M

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