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The Legend of Zelda - Tree Dungeon


The Legend of Zelda - Tree Dungeon

Inspired by the first dungeon in the original The Legend of Zelda video game, published in 1986, celebrating its 30th anniversary this year.

Intended as a little diorama, featuring an adventurous location for the Zelda series hero, Link, to enter and explore, hoping to defeat the evil guarding the sacred power known as the Triforce.

The set contains:

Dungeon exterior: a bridge leading over to the dungeon entrance which is an old tree.

-Dungeon interior: an ancient arc, stone blocks and the triangular Triforce on a pedestal.

               - Link, the green clad hero, inspired by the original art from the game.

               - Octorok, a rock spitting octopus creature.

               - Stalfos, a skeletal warrior armed with 2 swords.

Dungeon Boss: Aquamentus, a fire spitting dragon, guarding the Triforce. Once defeated, Link will be rewarded with a Heart Container, helping him in his quest by increasing his health.

Bringing the 2D Top-Down viewed game to 3D through LEGO, gives a neat little set with modular sections; allowing it to be displayed as two individual pieces, a dungeon and an overworld location.

I hope you will support the project, and as well celebrate the amazing Zelda series this year!




- The set consists of 379 pieces.

- As with all Zelda projects concerning Link's design, the cap always proves a challenge. Having the unique look he has, portraying him accurately is impossible without a unique piece is impossible with the current selection of minifig headgear.

Link's face is based on the design featured in some of the art for the original Zelda game, which I chose to feature, rather than a typical black eyed minifig look.

Aquamentus' head does still require some modifications, currently it is too fragile construction wise, and the eyes can only be presented well enough through overlapping stickers, which is something I'd prefer to avoid.

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