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Planetary Exploration Crawler


About This Project:

This project is the Planetary Exploration Crawler. It's a mobile research lab and exploration vehicle. Inside the cargo hold is a rover type mini car with a long arm claw for collecting samples. It has a solar panel on it for charging the batteries and for a back up power source. The main crawler has a large communications array on top to transmit any information off world. It has two main doors. One on the back to let the rover in/out. The other is on the side and it's for minifigures only. You can get at the pilot through a hatch above him. Also to make it easy to play with everything inside I made two sections of the roof that can come off. One side off the cargo bay holds the oxygen tank and helmet for the minfigure in the back.

Play Features:

  • Has two main doors that open.
  • Has two roof panels that can detach.
  • Has a hatch above the pilot.
  • Comes with a rover type mini car for collecting samples and exploring.
  • A mini lab with microscope for examining samples.
  • Storage area for helmet and oxygen tank.
  • On each side of the back door is a fire extinguisher and a power saw.


  • Two minifigures
  • A rover type mini car.
  • Minifigure accessories like: a helmet, an oxygen tank, a power saw, and a fire extinguisher.
  • A mineral sample for collecting and examining.

This project is my take on a classic space land vehicle for exploring planets. This set was a lot of fun to build and it has tons of play ability. If you like it please support and share.

Thank you for your support.

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